You will get high-quality inspections backed by experience and care.

Extensive Report

Color coded system tabs on every page makes it easy to navigate. The reports are easy to read and very understandable. Pictures and illustrations are included to make noted problems clear.

Clear Simple Pricing

What does an inspection cost? You don’t have to jump through hoops to find out how much you’re going to pay for gas, food or clothes. So why should it be that way in the service industry? You’re right, it shouldn’t! We are upfront with all of the costs associated with the services we provide. Pricing transparency is our commitment to our clients because nobody wants a surprise when it comes to paying for a service.

Residential and Commercial Mold Inspections

While most types of mold aren’t toxic, they can still cause health problems if they aren’t taken care of. Hiring a professional inspector can help determine if mold is an issue in your home or property.

Indoor Air Quality Inspections

An indoor air quality assessment helps you identify what can be contributing to poor indoor air quality. We’ll tell you about the sources of contaminants in your home, how to reduce those pollutants, and what you can do to maintain optimal indoor air quality.

Residential Asbestos Inspections

If you have an older home (built before the late 1970s), there is a chance that asbestos-containing materials may be present. If you have concerns, have one of our inspectors collect a sample and have it tested.

VOCs and Formaldehyde Testing

VOCs are prevalent in both new and old homes and can come from new furniture, carpeting, paint, children’s toys, air fresheners and other cleaning and care products. There are many things that can off-gas VOCs and if it is a concern, we can collect samples to determine what is present in your environment.

Formaldehyde is a chemical used as a preservative in products such as plywood, particle board, pressed wood products, and furniture. In fact, it is found in most new construction homes.

High Quality Photos

A photo speaks a thousand words. All noted recommendations in your report will be annotated with red or orange shapes. That way you will know exactly what you’re looking at!

Fast Reports

Our team will have the report sent out within 3 business days; however, there are times when a quicker turnaround is necessary. If you need next-day results, let our team know and we can expedite for an additional fee.

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